WEN 944 7-Amp Angle Grinder

WEN 944 7-Amp Angle Grinder Review – With Reversible Handle

If you’re currently looking for the best angle grinder, we don’t envy you for a second because there are just so many options on the market currently. Construction sites, contract jobs, or your own home renovation project will often call for a variety of tools and machinery for the job. You will find yourself needing a vast array of power tools at the ready to ensure you will have a fluid, efficient workflow on the job site.

The WEN 944 7-Amp Angle Grinder Review

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You may find yourself looking for an angle grinder for a particular application on your work site and the many choices out there of which is right for your job could be overwhelming.

However, it shouldn’t be a burden and we are going to make the process easier today by reviewing a popular product; the WEN 944 4-inch angle grinder.


All things considered, flexibility is a key feature to this model and this is highlighted with the removable handle. For left-handers, the options are fairly limited but this model can be used by both. After this, it is lightweight which makes it easy to control and perfect for both beginners and experts alike.

  • With a seven-amp motor, this small grinder will generate around 11,000 RPM at maximum capacity.
  • In terms of design, it has been made lightweight and comfortable with a rubber grip lining.
  • Handle is reversible which means that it can be moved from the left to the right and vice versa.
  • Flexible with grinding wheels because it will allow for 5/8- and 7/8-inch arbors.


Firstly, we should note that it is extremely comfortable not only when you first pick it up but after extended use which is rare. Partly down to the lightweight design and partly thanks to the rubber grip, it removes the chore-feeling from angle grinding and the whole experience can actually be enjoyable. For beginners, this is essential because they get time on the machine to hone their skills rather than having to give up when it gets uncomfortable.

Furthermore, we should also note that there is a lock-on switch which further goes towards making the customer experience easier. Rather than having to keep your finger down to operate, you simply set the switch and it will stay at a steady speed.

Additionally, we would like to point out the price point because you can buy this model for between $$ and $$$ which is affordable, to say the least. On many sites, it has a five-star review and this is rare for such an affordable model. Therefore, we can confidently say that it easily compares to more expensive options in the market. Finally, the model will also come with a excelent warranty from the manufacturer which is important. With a piece of machinery like this, it is always good to know that you have the backing of the manufacturer and this is the case with WEN.


On the flip side, there are certainly bigger names in the market and this is important if you prefer to stay with the biggest brands. Since WEN is a smaller company, their products aren’t quite as popular as others which mean that there aren’t too many reviews for them and you have to trust the opinion of a handful rather than thousands.

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The Final Verdict

If we consider the product alone, it is absolutely superb and we wouldn’t even blink twice if it was manufactured by one of the large names. If the brand name is important to you, there will be other options that sit above this in your list of targets. If it doesn’t make a difference to your experience, there is no reason why you should have any doubts.

With a fantastic motor and therefore “rpm”, you will have the power. This coupled with the comfortable grip and lightweight design means that you have a brilliant model for now and long into the future!

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