Types Of Drill Bits For Drill Press

A drill is a machine that is attached to a cutting instrument, commonly a drill bit. Drill bits are tools used in a drill press for the purpose of cutting and creating holes of different shapes like circular or cylindrical. Drill bits are available in many shapes and can play important roles in boring holes in the surfaces of materials. The working of a drill bit is useful for woodworking, metal drilling and different hand tasks of home. Drill machines have a variety of prototypes that are distinguished on the basis of power and capacity of the drill machine.

The drill bit has many advantages but to drill the required hole, the correct drill bit must be used which should be properly installed in the machine. Drill bits for drill press must be sharpened time and again for first-rate results, because the outcomes of sharpening bit give cleaner holes. For sharpening purposes, a drill sharpener is recommended to use.

Classification of drill bits for drill press

Coatings of drill bit: Users are advised to use coated drill bits for efficient results and long-lasting of their drill bits. Following coatings are suggested for all drill bits:

Black oxide coating: This is a moderately low-cost coating which provides a drill bit heat resistance and oxidization property. The coating of a drill bit increases the life span of a drill bit.

Diamond powder coating: Diamond is basically used to cut hard metal surfaces like tiles, stones, and other thickened materials. Due to diamond coating, great fiction is produced by heat which is then cooled by water in order to avoid the destruction of the work piece.

Titanium Nitride coating (TiN): This is the best coating for a drill bit and it increases the cutting ability of a drill bit three times as compared to the normal drill bit.

There are many types of drill bits depending upon the requirement of the job. Enlisted here are some drill bits available for a drill press:

Twist bits for drill press

This is the most common category of drill bits used in a drill machine. These drill bits can be operated by hands or electric drills. The assembly of the twist drill bit is very logical. The front ends of the bit are used in cutting in order to cut the material into the desired shape and the long helixes of the bit are supposed to keep the bit straight, that is why it eliminates fragments on or after the hole. In order to remove the waste and for the long-lasting service of the twist drill bit, the bit should be inhibited from the hole for scrubbing the left-over.

Drill bits are usually deliberated in a way that they can drill small holes in a very fast speed. The supplementary quality of twist drill is Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating, which results in the stiffness of the drill bit. It is certainly acknowledged by its color and is commonly accessible in the market with sizes 0.8-12 mm and more. The self-lubricating property of a drill pit is due to Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating. For efficient outcomes hold the drill bit lightly and do not smear abundant force on the drill while working.

Wood auger bit for drill press

These drill bits are considered as the supreme ideal drill bit as it is used in drilling large diameters, thick sheets and for drilling deep holes in the lumber. Always use a sharpened drill pit machine for drilling purposes. Its structure is organized in a way that it drills neat and clean holes in the material and the left over is wasted from the earlier cut hole. It is the most powerful drill bit for cutting and deep holes.

Hinge sinker bit for drill press

This drill bit is specially planned for an explicit purpose. These drill bits are used in the construction of kitchen cabinets. These cabinets require special assembly of screws which are tightened by hinge sinker drill bit. This specially designed drill bit contains sharp tungsten carbide edges for drilling the best holes.

Hole saw drill bit for drill press

A hole saw drill bit is used for cutting and drilling purposes of wood and plastic. They drill up to the depth of 18 mm on the surface. The drill bit gives its best at low speed while drilling the diameter of the material.

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