Top Rated Drill Press

Top Rated Drill Press

Here You Can Find 5 Best Drill Presses on the Market 2019

1. Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900 18 inch laser drill press suits the need of every worker. What makes it do so? The credit goes to its perfect dimensions that go well with a vast number of purposes. This floor type drill press comes with a competent 3/4 HP motor which provides the right amount of ample torque required for your work and doesn’t stop you from carrying out heavy commercial work.

16-speed changing options that allow workers from all the domains to use it. Its TWIN LASER is something that can’t be missed. Want accuracy while drilling? Use laser and you’ll never miss a hole again. The 5 years limited warranty ensures its long life and assures you that you have invested in a tool that plans to stay with you for long.

All its features are bang on – designed in order to provide you continuity in your work. Either you are an amateur or a workshop owner who needs a heavy built machine for heavy-duty work; you need to buy this machine. The stability of this machine owing to its outstanding framework along with its full 6-inch quill stroke makes it the best for hard work. Do you have a task at hand which requires repeated drilling? This drill press has a replaceable plunger plate, micro-adjustable depth stops and independent depth scale which allow you to drill repeatedly. For illumination, it is fitted with an LED light. Surely it looks up to modern ways rather than sticking to the conventional bulb for light. A front switch is given so that you can turn it on easily. Moreover, you can also turn the worktable up to 90 degrees for your use.

2. JET 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press

You must be thinking that it is a huge investment but hang on; it’s justified as it comes with thundering features. You can change its speed from 200 to 3,630 RPM and enjoy around 16-speed options through its hinge and quick set bolts. The built-in work light allows you to have a clear look at your material. The machine’s quill supports mortising tasks and there is no such task which this classy drill press can’t handle. Such quality aspects along with those which we are about to discuss ahead surely demand a high price.

Ball bearings of high quality are guiding the spindle of this machine which makes the operation smooth. It offers a swing of 15” and quill travel of 3 1/2” making the shaft spin concentrically.

Drill chuck of 5/8” is like other drill press but shows its excellence at work. Coming to its worktable, the X grooves add into the flexibility it provides. They also support you in clamping objects. 10 by 13 inches is a good size of the surface on which the material is to be placed. The depth stops are given in both inches and millimeters to facilitate you and save your time while working. 5-year limited warranty adds to the reliability of this drill press. Undoubtedly the machine is designed keeping in view the needs of the users.

3. Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander

When you get a single machine capable of doing more than one task, what would you want more? W1668 can drill accurate holes, can act as a sander, function as a boring, counterboring as well as the countersinking machine. Impressive isn’t it? The work table is of 12 3/8” and can be tilted in several directions.

Well, it gives you different drilling and sanding angles. Its drilling capacity is beyond your imagination. Coming to its warranty, it offers a 1-year limited warranty. It’s quite less than the ones offered by other machines but it’s definitely going to be enough as the manufacturers are confident about its sturdy working. For your comfort, you can still check for further conditions and packages with the dealer.

What makes it perfect for your use? It would have been easy to write about a single best feature but with Shop Fox 1668, everything you get is perfect. Although the speed options it offers are 12 in number, less than a few other machines, this number of speeds along with the spindle travel of 31/4” puts up a great competition with other drill press. Swing of 13 1/4” and drill chuck of 5/8” adds into the quality of service it provides. Don’t worry about the position in which you wish to work. The worktable offers 360 degrees of swing and up to 45 degrees tilting angles. Its base can also be used as a table for drilling and sanding purposes. Other than this, you’ll definitely want to own this uncomplicated model which requires tool-free conversion from its drilling model to the sanding model.

4. SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press

The simple on/off switch and the fact that this drill press can be assembled easily, by keeping in order the things to be attached for the formation of a cast-iron structure makes it popular among people. The shape of the work surface is usually circle but this model has a square-shaped worktable with the ability to tilt from 0-45 degrees in either direction. Its size is 7-5/8”.

The red color working beast is powered by the battery. It has a 1-year warranty but you can return the product within 30 days in case of any complaints. Worried you might face any? The reviews of the drill press say you won’t, so does its mechanically strong built.
Run by a 3.2 amp motor, this drill press is affordable.

Enjoy the precise hole alignment it offers with its 2 beam laser system. This laser system is something that differentiates it from other drill press. It has a large swing of 10”. Combined with 5-speed options which you can adjust according to your need and the ½” keyed chuck present in the machine, you can use it on wood, metal or any other material. These features also allow you to use bits with a large diameter. With this drill press, the game is on.

5. WEN 4208 8- Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

Instead of bragging about the machine, let’s face it. The features bestowed upon this machine are not great in number but they are surely beyond your imagination in quality. The brand ensures that everyone can purchase this meticulous tool.

Its portability, rigid iron cast framework and easy handling make it a demanding tool according to the drill press reviews. 1/2” keyed chuck and the spindle travel of 2” you can easily use it for home tasks and get them done within a short time frame. The slotted table adds to your ease as does the acceptable vibration level. Were you planning to place it on your workshop’s table? Don’t forget the pre-drilled holes in its base. They facilitate mounting it on a work stand or a bench.

Looking at its technical features, the speed options it offers are 5, unlike other machines that offer around 16 options but to what extent does it matter? This machine with its speed range of 620-3100 RPM can still carry out numerous works on its tilting worktable.

Adjust its height according to your use and let its 1/3 HP motor facilitate you with its smooth operation. Don’t forget to avail your 2 years warranty on this drill press which when handling a cast iron of 1”, can drill up to 1/2″. Affordable power tools nowadays are short of such drilling capacity. WEN drill press is also far better than the hand drill machines.

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