Milwaukee 6130-33 Small Angle Grinder Review

Milwaukee 6130-33 Small Angle Grinder Review

As far as power tools are concerned, there’s quite a lot out there to choose from and when we talk about angle grinders, picking a manufacturer is way more important than it would seem because as far as engineering tools are concerned, design and safety go hand-in-hand, for something as powerful as an angle grinder, it is important to make sure that it’s also reliable and easy to be used.

The Milwaukee 6130-33 Angle Grinder Review

By simply looking at the grinder a few things will be instantaneously obvious, there’s the regular secondary handle that most angle grinders have to minimize vibrations, as far as user reviews are concerned, they’re pretty mixed.

About Milwaukee 6130-33 Angle Grinder

With great power comes great responsibility and the Milwaukee 6130-33 angle grinder falls in between, it’s important to note that it’s not a powerful grinder, if you’re going to be using this for heavy duty work then we’d recommend that you purchase a heavier hand grinder tool, but if you only need this for work around the house, there are only a few alternatives.

The tool guard can be rotated to whatever position you may like and that’s an important feature because it lets you operate the grinder in whatever orientation you may feel comfortable in, ensuring that you and your hands are protected from any chips which would be flying directly at them.

The Milwaukee 6130-33 4-1/2-Inch angle grinder also features a fairly simple way to change the wheels, switching between a cutting and grinding wheel won’t even take a minute, so if your work involves switching between blades on a regular basis but you’re not interested in purchasing multiple angle grinders, this is the choice for you.

Small features like these may not seem important at first but at the end of the day they’re the difference between two heavy duty tools, in a market which is pretty much saturated, the only few cons this tool may have are overshadowed by the fact that it’s priced under $$$.

Important Features

  • Compact, lightweight design: at 10.2” long and 3.5 lbs it is the most compact and lightest grinder in the Milwaukee choice
  • 7.0 Amp, 750 MWO motor- powerful for daily applications
  • Debris baffles- protect internal components by deflecting damaging debris out of the airflow at the intake vents
  • Multi-Port exhaust – reduces motor burn-up by efficiently venting hot air out of the grinder
  • Tool free, burst resistant guard- the only grinder in its class with a tool free guard
  • Compatible with multiple grinder guards and flanges.


The grinder can operate at speeds of about 11,000 rpm, if you’re unfamiliar with grinders then you should know that combined with the motor, this grinder should be able to do most of our around the house chores along with quite a few heavy-duty tasks, just remember not to use it as if it’s an engineering-grade high tech equipment, be gentle with it and let it rest if you’re going to be cutting metals.

The grinder’s handle can be removed and reattached to the opposite side, making it possible for the grinder to be used by both left and right handed people without any discomfort, but that’s not the only benefit, often times there simply isn’t enough room because of the presence of a wall or other immovable objects near your place of work, simply removing the handle and attaching it to the other side means that you’ll never have to work in an awkward position.

With a low price, the Milwaukee angle grinder is one of you can purchase without compromising a lot in terms of safety, simply purchase the necessary wheels and start working.

With a light body and the presence of a secondary handle, the Milwaukee 6130-33 small angle grinder is easy to use and handle, any vibrations can easily be overcome with the use of both of your hands.

A feature which may or may not to be favorable is the presence of a lock-in on switch, it makes it significantly easier to operate the angle grinder itself as you don’t have to keep holding a button in order for the motor to work, removing a tedious part of the job.


Unfortunately, the presence of a lock-in power button means that the handle is less safe at the same time, if you’re using it to operate the handle then you’re faced with some serious dangers if you were to ever lose grip on the angle grinder itself.

The grinder itself doesn’t come with any cutting or grinding wheels so make sure to order the necessary equipment so you don’t have to wait for your next orders to arrive before getting to work.

Repeated use of the grinder will lead to extensive heating of the wheel as well as the motor, it’s recommended to let it rest every now and then.


Regardless of how the Milwaukee 6130-33 angle grinder might look, you need to understand that at the end of the day it’s still an under  $ piece of equipment and can’t compete with most high-end industry-grade equipment whose price would be in the several hundred if not over a thousand dollars.

But as far as its own price range is concerned, the Milwaukee is definitely one of the best out there, if you’re looking for an angle grinder which you can use for hours without end, then we suggest you make a slightly larger investment.

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