Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel Cordless Angle Grinder Review

Most gadgets in the power-tool market have been more than a decade now, and Milwaukee is no exception to that rule. However, technology is being upgraded with new features in the fast-paced world. Thus, even more, advancements are expected in the near future.

One of the recent tools that are flourishing in the power-tools industry is Milwaukee cordless angle grinder that supplies the power of up to 2X runtime and up to 10X longer motor life. The grinder delivers the maximum sustained power to assist the worker with surface preparation, toughest grinding and cutting various applications. Therefore, we have combined the information to come up with one of the best cordless grinder reviews.

The Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Review

The cordless angle grinder is designed with the sturdy tool body, gearing system and anti-vibration side handle to provide the users with high-performance and efficient work. Also, the tool ensures to deliver the maximum durability during the job as it has a metal structure. The gadget is installed with power state brushless motor that provides up to 10X longer motor life that results in lower cost. It is operated with red lithium XC5.0 battery pack that ensures to deliver superior performance and 4X more run-time and 20% additional power.

However, the battery is not included in the package. The grinder highlights the most advanced system of cordless power tool that is; redlink plus intelligence. The body framework is structured with 18V lithium-ion thin body that gives it ideal balance so that you can hold it easily. The best part about it is the adjustment guard and tool-free accessory which consumes your less time during work. The paddle-switch is fitted in it to access the workers with ease of operating in various positions.

The package includes M18 18V fuel lithium-ion paddle-switch grinder that measures 4-1/2 inch. Whereas, batteries and charger cost additional charges.

Small elements you need to know about the motor

Many small tools result as a final product (angle grinder), but the motor is main. If a motor didn’t exist, the angle grinder could not perform its functions. To get a better insight lets first know the difference between the brushless motor vs. brushed motors.

  • Brushed motors cost lower to manufacturers as they don’t create issues in short-term for workers but can wear and tear in long-term. The damage may force you to open the tool and replace the parts of it.
  • Whereas, brushless motors, cost massive amounts to produce the tool. However, you wouldn’t have to replace the brushes, and it would be less prone to damages but at a bit higher price.

These are some qualities that many people take it for granted and the manufacturer doesn’t even consider them in the list of features.

Adjustable switch

Ever wondered the consequences of leaving the power switch on? Well, the angle grinder is specially featured with adjustable switches that don’t start grinding until it is flipped back off and on again to start working.

These are the qualities ignored by some workers at first, but users who love themselves more than money would consider this feature before purchasing any cordless angle grinder.


The Milwaukee 2780-20 uses the paddle-switch rather than slide handle. The key benefit of paddle-switch is that it keeps the grip of your hands firmly on the power tool so that you do not lose control of it. However, due to this feature installed if you ever drop it, the switch will be released, and the motor will stop operating. Whereas, having a slide- switch can cause injuries as it does not provide the control of it because it does not enforce you to have a firm grip method. Thus, if a tool has paddle switch, it forces the users to always have a hand on it while grinding.

However, at the same time, paddle-switch tend to be tedious as it forces you to press the entire time you’re operating the grinder.

How do side-handle work?

When a gadget features more options than is required at a reasonable price then always go for it! The Milwaukee 2780-20 comes with the side-handle to adjust it according to your comfort level. As in many situations, your work can be disrupted by the handle. So why risk your important work? With the side-handle, you can move it on the other side or whatever suits you to benefit you with additional control.

Some cordless angle grinders provide a third position for the handle too that is structured on top of the grinder. However, Milwaukee 2780-20 does not feature this element. So, if your work is mostly related to vertical cuts, then you require a grinder that lets you adjust the handle on top of the gadget. In short, then look for the three-position handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with the battery?

No, as the item on onlin market is advertised as a ‘bare tool’ that means the battery is not included or any other accessory such as a battery charger.

Does the battery voltage give the tool maximum of power and run-time?

No, as this tool is great for small tasks such as removing metal as it drains the 5-amp hour battery in 30 minutes. Therefore, you might need to purchase extra batteries to work efficiently.

Does the tool have a perfect handle grip?

The tool is comfortable and provides the firm grip to users due to the well-quality brake features and switches installed in it. The material used for the tool is solid that creates less noise and vibration.


Conclusively, the work industry is has become competitive each day with greater challenges to be resolved. Therefore, workers or contractors should opt for the power-tools that are required and demanded by the industry they work in. Milwaukee 2780-20 is one of the best cordless angle grinder used by many workers.

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