Jet 354166 JDP-15MF 3/4-Horsepower 15-Inch Floor Model Drill Press Review

Using a drill machine or a drill press without proper knowledge can be extremely hazardous. For precision holes even in the most demanding situations, things are made easy with Jet 354166 Floor Model Drill Press. In order to achieve optimum productivity and keep your material safe, this drill press offers outstanding specifications like none other.

Main Specifications of Jet 354166 Floor Model Drill Press

  • Product Dimensions: 31 x 13 x 63 inches
  • Product weight: 180 pounds
  • 3/4 Horsepower motor
  • Variable speed option (16 points)
  • Built-in work lamp for better lighting
  • Origin: China
  • Only manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty available on request

Benefits of using this product

Made of strong cast iron, this drill press can complete the heaviest of high torque projects. With a stable 15-inch floor base, working can be stress-free and that twisted hurting back of yours can be at rest. A passionate tool user can accurately understand the true advantages.  Let us witness the features as follows.

·       Sturdiness at its peak!

While most drill presses offer stability, they lack the power to ensure heavy-duty projects. JET drill press offers stability with a 15-inch sturdy base and 55-inch height. With a high speed, 3/4 horsepower motor drilling is made easy and quick. Accompanied by a spindle consisting of smooth ball bearings this machine can do wonders. No bolting to the ground or work surface is necessary as this is a uniquely manufactured item with a stable floor-standing base.   Not only can it drill through materials such a metal or wood, but it can also be used for sanding, shaping material, plating, and other creative jobs.

·       Light it up!

Ever felt the need to finish a project but could not due to poor lighting or night time? Well, no more. This drill press has a major advantage over others due to a built-in lamp. This lamp can be popped up with a 40-60 watt bulb and you can easily finish your task with satisfaction. While the main power switch and chuck/key are on the right side, the light power switch is on the left side for easy access. With this lamplight, you can simply verify precise holes, even the smallest ones.

·       Work in various directions!

Working in the same spot for hours is not only tiring but also monotonous. Some projects require different angles where usual drill press machines fail to facilitate.  This drill press can surprise you with results due to a 45-degree worktable tilt and a table swing of 360 degrees! With versatility, durability should not be questioned. This machine is strong enough to hold all sorts of materials and provide excellent finished results.

· User-friendly

Assembling this drill press machine is extremely easy. With given instructions, the total assembling job can take up to 30 minutes maximum. While this job can be done by one person alone, adjusting the worktable should be done by two. Once it has assembled, it can be safely placed anywhere, be it a carpenter shop, a garage or even a room. Since it is uniquely designed for the floor, no bolting to the floor is needed for stability. If this is your first gadget, with a 16 point variable speed option, you can start with the lowest, slowest point, calmly increasing your pace and practice will make perfect.


  • Easy assembling
  • Great lighting with a built-in lamp
  • Can work with various changing angles
  • Great range of speed options
  • Powerful motor
  • Floor-standing this drill press ensures stability


  • Heavy for one person
  • Cannot be moved from one location to another easily
  • International shipping not available
  • No given warranty
  • Chuck/key issues at times

What customers are saying?



Maintenance of this drill press is rather easy. It requires dusting with a dry piece of towel or cloth after the work is complete. Although, wiping the outer box machined metal with a degreaser can be helpful as those parts can tend to get greasy and sticky. Sliding a metal file every now and then on the table edges can prevent any scratches or bruises from sharp table ends.  A few modifications can be made according to your satisfaction.

Customer reviews

There was a high level of customer satisfaction achieved.  For those who required high-quality drill presses for a floor-standing job in a small shop and small personal spaces, this drill press was the safest bet.  Many clients built furniture, other wooden ornaments, hardwood stock and did not face any wobble issues. With the extra lighting, our customers were able to drill the tinniest of holes with precision.  Many reviews suggested that the powerful motor could aid them in working for many hours in a stretch without the machine heating up.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it stable without bolts on the floor?

Yes. It is designed in a floor-standing position. It does not require bolts to any surface. It is very stable due to its heavyweight.

  1. What is the quill diameter?

3″ with a depth gauge.  Without it, it measures 2 3/8.

  1. What is the run-out time?

The run-out time is about .004. By using a dial indicator it becomes about .002.


After discussing the amazing features of Jet 354166 Floor Model Drill Pressit can be understood that this product entails high quality and has an outstanding performance. If you are in search of a drill press that can fit in a small corner, the answer is obvious – grab yours before it is too late.

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