JET 354165 Drill Press Review

JET 354165 Drill Press Review

A part of the heavy-duty power tools family is the robust drill press widely utilized by the personnel of factories and the common man for purposes like deep drilling and the achievement of perfectly perpendicular holes.

This versatile tool is not only good for drilling but is appreciated also for sanding, mortising and shaping purposes. There is no job which this powerful machine cannot do and when you talk about JET 354165 Drill Press, it is one of the best that you can get. To know more about this drill press, have a look at its features.

What makes JET 354165 drill press the best?

To appear as the best thing, it needs to possess some great features which make it different from the things present around. When talking about this amazing drill press, there are not only a few but several features that make it best for your use. For deeper insight, read the following listed features:


Dimensions: 31 x 13 x 40 inches

Other features

  • It offers variable speed options. You can choose between 16 options ranging from 200 to 3,630 RPM.
  • A 3/4 HP, 11/5230 V motor is installed in the machine
  • 15” swing
  • 5/8” drill chuck with a key is in the box
  • For illumination, there is a built-in work light
  • Dimensions of workspace: 10 by 13 inch
  • The work table can tilt up to 45 degrees
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • A push button switch for easy handling


This drill press comes with a 5-year limited warranty. This is a plus point as it ensures the safe and useful investment of your money on a product which is warranted for the next five years. If you face any problem with the machine, you can call the company and ask for its repair.

Benefits of using this machine

While explaining the benefits of this machine, the main hurdle seen at times is the lack of space and time to enlist them as they are numerous in number. Are you a real power tool user? Then you’ll completely understand how useful this machine is because of its features.

1. Allows you to complete your task either its big or small and provides flexibility

The machine is made up of the best parts. Its quick release and crank-operated working surface lets you work easily. You can adjust the height of the machine easily and carry out your task.

2. Want to drill repeatedly? Go on, use this machine

A high quality and powerful motor is installed in this machine which allows you to do tough jobs. If you are interested in drilling at a particular spot repeatedly, its powerful motor enables you to do so with great ease.

3. Easy to handle and a time saving machine

According to many users, this drill press is easy to handle. Before you start working, you have to assemble the machine. Even this job is easy. A hinged metal belt along with a pulley is present in the machine. Through this you can change the speed option rapidly without delaying your work even for a minute. Thus your time would be saved.

4. X- pattern grooves on the worktable

You are using a drill press? Is it durable and does it provide flexibility? Jet 35416 does. It has introduced X pattern grooves on the work table to fulfill this objective.

5. 16 speed options, try whichever suits your work best

This many speed option is a treat for the worker. Realizing the need for varying speed for various jobs, the company of this drill press has introduced many speed options to facilitate the user.


  • Variety of speed options
  • 5 years warranty
  • Large work table with X grooves
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to assemble
  • An easy to use push button
  • User-friendly machine


  • Some people faced problems with the chuck key
  • Its heavy and two to three people are required to carry it
  • There were some wobble issues

Customer’s support

The support this model of drill press has got from the customers can be estimated by the lack of stock on the tool shops as all the drill press are bought as soon as they come to the shop.

Want to know what people think about this versatile and robust bench drill press? What could be better than looking into what people say about it? Look below to get a good idea.

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