How To Use An Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a powerful handheld device with detachable grinding device wheels. This power tool is powered by small combustion engines, compressed air or electricity, and it can be used with numerous attachments for a variety of jobs as polishing cutting and grounding of material.

A powerful angle grinder can be used for cutting small tiles, cleaning grinder tools to sharpening blades of a lawn mower and grinding dry mortar. In order to learn how to use an angle grinder, you must have to know for what purpose you are using a metal grinder.

The functionality of the angle grinder depends on the right selection of right type of grinder and right wheel attachment. This power tool being a handy and versatile tool can save a lot of time and energy for a particular function.

An angle grinder is designed to cut metals and stones through cutting discs. Size and specifications of blade or disc vary according to the material. The following list of instructions with different functions of this great tool can help you to take advantage of this powerful device:

Metal cleaning with wire brush

Wire wheels of the angle grinder remove the rust and flaking paint quickly. Wire wheels and brush attachments are designed with an objective to strip and clean rust. Wire cup brushes are best for removing paints from a flat area. Wheels and brushes are available in a wide variety, and they fit into corners more easily. In order to clean rust or dirt from a particular tool user have to secure the work by making the use of clamps. The user should have to make sure that the brush is spinning away because if it catches the edge, it can cause the grinder to kick back at the user.

Cutting bars, rods, and bolts with cutting disc

Grind metal with an angle grinder. Now, you can cut bars, rods, and bolts with the angle grinder. You can use a wide variety of grinding cut off wheels for different materials and tasks. These discs include cut off discs (diamond blade), abrasive grinding discs, and grinding stones, etc. In order to cut bars, rods, and bolts you should have to use an inexpensive cut off wheel. Mount the wheel in your small angle grinder. Hold the long side of the rebar securely and drop the cut off wheel through metal. In order to cut the bar securely, you should have to allow the short end to drop freely as it will not bind the blade.

Cutting tile, stone, and concrete with diamond disc

Cutting a ceramic and stones tile through standard tile cutter is a difficult task. You can use an angle grinder for cutting tiles and stones. The diamond disc can be used for the purpose of grinding tile and stones. For cutting a tile through power tool, you should have to mark the outline on both front and back of the tile in order to cut it accurately.

Restore cutting edges with grinding wheels

You can make the use of angel grinder for restoring the cutting edges with grinding wheels. It helps in restoring edges. In order to restore cutting aging with grinding wheel, you should have to align the grinding wheel with angle on the blade. Apply the light pressure for starting and moving the grinding wheel steadily and restore the cutting ages.

Removing old mortar with diamond disc

Angle grinder uses discs for removing old mortar. Thick diamond tuckpointing wheels are useful in removing the old mortar quickly. It does not damage the bricks. You can grind out old, loose mortar with the help of angle grinder. You should have to make two or three 1/2-in. deep passes to clear the joint completely. You should also have to stay about 1/8 in. from the brick in order to avoid damages.


Other than the above-mentioned instruction protective clothing is another important consideration for making the use of angle grinder safely and efficiently. Moreover, with a view to ensure safety, you should have to wear eye protection and gloves. Stay away from the grinder and use it along with clamps and vise etc. before grinding metal or any other material proper examination of the power cord, extension lead and plugs and sockets is important. Inspect the angle grinder discs and ensure that these are not damaged.

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