How To Turn Hand Drill Into Drill Press

Generally speaking, a hand drill may create many problems and limitations to be used conveniently. Sometimes, it stops working properly like it may create problems when you direct towards a particular operation. But now, you don’t have to worry about your hand drill. By following some simple steps, one can easily turn hand drill into the drill press and get his work done efficiently and effectively. A drill press is generally a fixed machine with its stand. By using it, you won’t worry about the neatness of the holes. So you can handle all your work keenly and finish them on time.

How to Turn Hand Drill into Drill Press Effectively

In order to convert the power tool from a hand drill to the drill press, you need two most important things that are the clamp of the drill press and the hand drill. The hand drill is the power tool that you want to convert into the drill press. While the clamp should belong to the drill press. You can get the clamp from anywhere especially from closely located power tool shop and then you can turn hand drill to drill press easily

Conversion Steps

Conversion of the hand drill to the drill press will take only a few minutes. You have to follow all these steps carefully and get your work done.

  • Step 1: First of all, you have to remove the clamp of a hand drill. Clamp is the thing by which you can hold the hand drill, but you don’t have to use it anymore. So, you have to remove it effectively.
  • Step 2: Now, you have to place the hand drill on the clamp of the drill press. The drill press stand is an iron stand that contains nuts at the bottom side. After placing the hand drill on the clamp of the drill press, you have to fix it properly with the help of nuts. Make sure, you fix the hand drill in such a way that it can work properly.
  • Step 3: In the third step you have to mount the drill on the wooden box. You can focus on multiple options like plywood, a wood piece or workbench to mount your hand drill. While choosing the board’s size, make sure it should be larger than the clamp and stand base.
  • Step 4: Although the conversion of the hand drill is almost complete here, you need to take some important precautions. Do remember that you have to use converted drill press carefully. It might not be so strong to create holes in an iron sheet.
  • Step 5: While using the drill press, it is very important that you use glasses for your eye safety. Sometimes, if the hand drill is not fixed then you have to face some issues like small particles from the holes can hurt you. So it’s better to use safety precautions while checking either your drill is properly working or not?

A hand drill can be converted to a drill press easily and even the cost of hand drill conversion will be minor than purchasing a new drill press. The converted drill press will work efficiently for sure. If it’s not so, then you have to make sure that everything is fixed properly.


While turning your hand drill into the drill press, it is very important that you notice and focus on everything to get the best results. The first thing to focus on is the quality and the size of the clamp. You should be very careful while purchasing clamp because once it is fixed, it will be there forever. Another another thing that you should do with care is the nut fixation process. You should try to fix all the nuts tightly so that they may not loosen in a small time period or with the simple usage of the power tool.

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