How to Make a Drill Press Table

How To Make A Drill Press Table

A drill press table is one of the most important and the required part of the drill press. It does not mean that you won’t work with the drill press if you don’t have a drill press table, but the table of the drill press has its own importance. If you don’t have a drill press table with your drill press, then you can make it with the help of some simple processes.

The features of the drill press table

These features are as important, as your drill press and its features. Following are some of them:

The fence of the table: The curved type’s holes for the chuck are used to drill the holes at the place that is very close to fence.

The function of the Throat plate: The Throat plat is just about half inches that bear the bear at itself and saves the top of the table.

The T-Tracks: The T-Tracks are the best and the useful devices that are used to adjust and hold the fences, jigs, and hold-downs. On the table, the T-Tracks are used to slide the hold-downs and the fences.

Laminate: The table is laminated with the help of the plastic table. It is wrapped on both sided of the table so that you can save the table from different changes of humidity.

Edging: The edging of the table is used to give a beautiful look to the table. In addition to this, the edging protects the table.

You will know how to make a drill press table by following some simple steps here. 

In order to create the table, you have to follow some simple steps as given below:

  1. First of all, take the hardwood and cut them in the form table. The size of the table should be properly measured in order to get the right table size that can fit according to your drill press.
  2. Use edging at both sides of the table and polish the upper surface of the table in a nice way.
  3. Take the lamination paper and cut it according to the right side of the table. Apply the lamination paper at both sides of the table.
  4. Just like the table, you should also use the lamination paper on the throat plate.
  5. On the upper side of the table, you should cut dadoes with a size of almost ¾ inches.
  6. Similarly, create the holes on the fence with 2 or 2 and a half inches. It will help you to attach the table with the fence.
  7. Don’t forget to screw and tighten them together before the lamination process.
  8. The washers and the lag screw will be the best option to secure the upper top of the drill press.
  9. Don’t forget to check either everything is working in a good direction or not?

You can refer the below video for further information:

This is the simple way by which you can make a drill press table effectively. You will have a number of benefits to create your table in a good way. Following are some of the important benefits:

  • You will not go to anywhere to create the drill press table, if you know the directions clearly, you can create your own drill press table.
  • If you will make your own drill press table, then you will probably use the best material to create the best table.
  • You can set the best size of the table that will be fit for your drill press and you will be at ease using that table.
  • You can save your money to go to the expert and get a new table. These experts even charge money from you for the adjusting the table with your drill press along with purchasing amount of the table.
  • You can use the double lamination paper at the place where you have more usage.

Recommendations and Conclusions

While making your drill press table, don’t forget to take the measurements and then cut everything. Once you cut the wood or ply then it would not be possible to change the measurement. So it is very important to take measurements before making the drill press table.

At the end, I would like to say that you should make your drill press table by your own. You will have amazing benefits for sure…..

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