Find The Best Angle Grinder For Your Work – QUIZ

Do you have a metal roof that is corroding? Then remove that rust with an angle grinder! Have an old door that is in desperate need of a new coat of paint? Strip off the old paint easily – with an angle grinder! Need to cut through concrete? Use an angle grinder!

The angle grinder is a really versatile machine and with modern technology advances more and more functions are given to them. In fact, they are good for way more things than they are being used for.

What is an angle grinder?

An angle grinder also referred to as a disc grinder is a handheld tool used by handymen for cutting, grinding, as well as polishing with the aim of delivering on consistency. They work on different materials such as stone and metal. This tool comprises of a geared head, abrasive disc, an adjustable guard, as well as a handle.

This tool is commonly used by handymen in auto garages, construction sites, as well as metal workshops. Handymen will find this tool important despite their different job descriptions. This is because there are angle grinders for welding, concrete, as well as other materials.

Things to consider when buying the best angle grinder

Selecting the best angle grinder is not a simple task for many people. This will be more difficult if you do not know the key things to look for when you are purchasing a perfect angle grinder. The key objective is to identify one that will meet your needs and preferences. In this, you will look at the outstanding features that the grinder offers. With the market offering so much and manufacturers promising that their products deliver, it is best that your equipment with the necessary knowledge. The following key factors help you to find the best angle grinder for your work.

An angle grinder saves you a lot of time and effort if you choose the right machine and disc for the job. If you are using the machine for a short time (1 hour a day maximum) and if you do basic cutting and grinding work with it, a mid-range angle grinder is optimal for you.

If you work for more time continuously (more than 1 hour each time) with the angle grinder and the lower speed is important (paint sanding, fine polishing) then you may want to choose a more professional machine.

Angle grinders come with different motor power capabilities, which translates to the type of project it, can handle. Less motor power grinders are best used on lightweight to medium projects and other household tasks. More motor power means you can take on heavy-duty projects without overloading your angle grinder.

The speed rating is important as it is determined by your level of expertise. The higher speed the machine is running at, the more productive the work is, therefore the sooner you grind /cut the material. Of course, there are exceptions: working with heat-sensitive surfaces (eg. painted surfaces, plastic) is not recommended for maximum speed because it could melt, ruining the material and it could even destroy the disc.

If you intend working on different types of tasks and on different materials, it is best that you go for an angle grinder that comes with accessories to meet your varying needs and demands. With this, you will have the right tool for the right job.

So, please use this quiz to find the best angle grinder fits your work.

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