Some Important Drill Press Safety Rules

Some Important Drill Press Safety Rules

Drill presses are predominantly used to drill holes in a surface or a machine but it also carries out many supplementary tasks like tapping, reaming, countersinking, etc. The drill press devours a motor compelled head that consumes a chuck that agrees to take bits or cutters. The drill press also contains a flexible board on which work is mounted. You can get your job done by following proper procedures and drill press safety rules.

Safety plays the most important part of machines which involves excessive power usage. To evade calamities, the following operational security documentations needed to be observed by one and all working on a drill press. The miscarriage in subsequent directions will outcome in a loss of factory honors.

Drill press safety rules when starts working

Following are the basic safety rules which should be followed when start working around a drill press:

  1. Paramount rule is a two foot boundary nearby drill press ought to be kept clear of folks and sawdust to avoid tumbling and drops.
  2. Give your work exclusive consideration to shrink the risks of blunders in production.
  3. Get rid of unfastened fitting clothing, jewelry and tie long hair so you will not be disturbed while working.
  4. Do not wear gloves or anything that would let your hands or fingers to be draped in the revolving bit.
  5. Shelter fittings should be worn like goggles with face armour and side shields. In addition to face shield hearing protection is also advised for the security of the worker in the production process.

Operational Drill press safety rules

After succeeding the basic security instructions, now comes the operational security rules. The worker is advised to follow these rules firmly as each rule is subtle than the other.

  1. The operator is recommended to make all drill adjustments with the power shut off.
  2. Make sure the speed of the machine does not exceeds by the limit.
  3. Check the size of the bit is not outsized neither less than the capability of the apparatus.
  4. After inserting the bit into drill chuck do not forget to tighten up the chuck key. Before initializing the machine take out chuck key from the drill press.
  5. Keep your hands at least 3 inches from the rotating bit to avoid any mishap.
  6. Clear your table absolutely before starting the machine. You can keep only stock you are drilling on your table.
  7. Do not touch the machine immediately after drilling. Severe injuries could occur from coming in direct contact when the machine is heat up. Put hot surface signs to avoid misfortunes.
  8. Remove cuttings from the hole by raising the drill bit repeatedly when you are dealing with deep drilling. Try to cool the machine after each drilling.
  9. For the safety of your hands don’t ever stop the drill bit with the help of your hands or fingers. It may cause severe harm.
  10. After completing your work turn the drill press off before moving away from the drill press.
  11. Do not leave left over. Always clean the working table and the nearby working area upon the finishing point of your task. Use bench brushes for cleaning purpose.
  12. Special care is required if the machine is operated in severe cold conditions. The user should warm up the machine first and operate it at slow speed at the beginning.
  13. Handle metal with care. It becomes extremely inelastic in cold. So the operator is particularly cautioned not to strike the instrument with substantial implements.

Conclusion and Recommendations

If proper instructions are not followed it may arise a number of problems. These complications include a limited life-span of the apparatus which leads to tool chatter and rupture. Tool chatter leads to a poor quality operation. So it is highly advised to follow the above instructions strictly in order to get virtuous worth manufactured goods. For each metal there is an optimum cutting speed which should be followed strictly. By using the accurate speed of the tool you can enhance the life-span as well as the value of the product manufactured. Drill press safety rules should be followed because such machines bear high health risks.

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