Drill Press Operating Instructions

Drill Press Operating Instructions

A drill press is available in the market in different forms as well as sizes. You can choose your favorite one either it is a hand drill press or a drill press mounted on the floor. In addition to the normal functionality of the machine, the drill press is designed in such a way that it can operate multiple tasks like creating holes, reaming, tapping and many others. While using the drill press, it is very important that you use safety measures and precautions to avoid the problems. Drill press operating instructions will be the best for the people who want to use these machines in an effective way.

Drill press operating instructions for safety

  • First of all, you should plug out the drill press, while preparing the device for using it.
  • The next step is to plug in the device perfectly and set up the speed of the drill press by rotating the drive belt. The drive belt is moved from one pulley to the other. According to the operating instructions, it is better to use the drill press with slow speed. For this, you have to keep the smaller pulley on the chuck axis.
  • Bit fitting is another step. For this step, you need to open the chuck with the help of the chuck key, then you need to insert the drill bit. Once you have inserted the drill bit, then you can remove the chuck key. If you want to create large holes, then you must create small holes in it.
  • Table adjustment is the next step. You have to choose the desired size of the table and then adjust the table using cranks.
  • In order to use the drill press, you need to adjust the depth of the gauge and the threaded rod. Using this drill press you can also create the hole with the fixed depth. For this, you have to use knurled pair. One of the knurled will lock the nut while the other one will halt the spindle.
  • You can secure the whole process by making sure that the workpiece that needs to be drilled is fixed in its place. If you don’t fix it, it will start rotating and you will ultimately suffer.
  • Once all the setup of the drill press is completed, you can start working in an easy way. There are a few things that need to make sure before starting the process.
    • The drill is operating at the full speed.
    • The workpiece is fully fixed to its position
    • The swing of the rotating lever will lower the bit
    • The drill should be moved to the original position right after creating the hole.


Drill press operating instructions are not only helpful for the beginners, but these are also very beneficial for the experts. The only thing you need to focus on should be the precautions and the safety of the user.

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