DEWALT DWE402 Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Vs. Makita 9557PBX Angle Grinder Comparison

An angle grinder is a versatile, powerful and fast tool which is facilitating the manufacturing industry by offering a broad range of benefits. When it comes to buying an angel grinder, there is a variety of these power tools available in the market. DeWalt DWE402 and Makita 9557PBX are two most significant types of angle grinders. Following comprehensive review of these two grinders can help the buyer to determine which one is the best angle grinder in terms of price, quality, and functionality.

Makita 9557PBX angle grinder

Makita 9557PBX angle grinder is suitable for exclusive labyrinth construction work. Makita 9557PBX has a small circumference barrel grip which enables the operator to hold the device safely and AC/DC switch which enhances ease of access and conveniently located at the top. For a heavy professional grinding wok, Makita 9557PBX has 7.5Amp and spindle lock for making wheel change easy. For smooth operations, the operator can install side handles. Lock-On feature of the device ensures optimum performance of the instrument. Makita angle grinder has wheel guard, carry case and extra diamond wheel.

DeWalt DWE402 paddle switch angle grinder

DeWalt DWE402 paddle switch angle grinder is the grinder made by world manufacturer, DeWalt. DeWalt is well known for offering high-quality products. DeWalt DWE402 paddle switch angle grinder consist of next generation powerful 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor and a unique dust ejection system. Two oversized brushes are making it different from the previous model and large sized spiral bevel gear offering extra transmission life. One touch guard is enabling 360-degree rotation, and top mounted button is adding extra protection in the grinder. This feature is also optimizing the cutting depth by wheels which the operator can change quickly.

Heavy duty work

Makita 9557PBX angel grinder has powerful 7.5 AMP motor which makes it good for home use as well as heavy duty use. A powerful 7.5 Amp motor boasts 10,000 rpm and features labyrinth construction which seals the motor and protects it from any kind of contamination. This is suitable for heavy duty work as well as for light use. Powerful motor and several types of wheels are there, but you can use it for longer hours of work as it gets heated quickly.

On the other hand, great features of DeWalt DW402 make it suitable for home as well as worksite use. The tools are featured with having a powerful motor for heavy duty jobs. DeWalt DW402 is better than Makita 9557PBX as this power tools can last for hours of cutting or grinding without getting overheated. This tool is equipped with next generation powerful 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor.


In the case of Makita, the small angle grinder and the wheels come organized in an aluminum case, and it makes easy for the operator to store tool properly. Compact aluminum box with zinc coated latches also gives the decent appearance as well. Moreover protective zigzag varnish protect the equipment from dust and debris. All these features are playing a significant role in boosting durability of the equipment.

Unique dust ejection system in DeWalt DWE402 add life to the product by removing the dust and debris particles causing damage. Small gripping surface, new side handle design and oversized threading enhance the durability of the product by increasing ease of use.

Comfort, power, and price

Makita angle grinder uses the powerful motor for home as well as heavy duty work. Proper aluminum case enhances the level of comfort and ease of use for the operator. This added feature is also improving the durability of the product. The grinding wheels have smoothest in the market. The Makita 9557PBX is good value for money as the product is available with reasonable pricing. Moreover, Makita is less expensive than DeWalt DWE402 with one year warranty. On/Switch on it also enhance the level of comfort of the operator.

On the other hand, DeWalt DWE402 is offering a high degree of comfort and ease of use. One touch guard enables 360-degree rotation, top mounted spindle lock button add extra protection, and small gripping surface makes the gripping easier. It is light weight and easy to use. When it comes to price DeWalt DWE402 is more expensive than Makita 9557PBX.


Makita 9557PBX is small grinder which is suitable for heavy duty work, but it gets heated after 10-15 minutes of continuous work. It is heavy which make it difficult for the operator to use it for longer time period. Makita angle grinder has so many features and highly competitive price, but it is not considered as suitable for professionals. On the other hand DeWalt DWE402, incredible features and excellent performance suggesting that the device is suitable for professionals. Features of the tools justifying the price which slightly higher than other competitor products available in the market and making it the best angle grinder.

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