DEWALT DWE402 Review

DEWALT DWE402 Review – Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

DeWalt, the American manufacturer of power tools needs no introduction if you have even the slightest knowledge about tools industry. They have been market leaders for a long time, and their power tools are second to none in terms of quality and performance.

You can imagine their level of trust just by the fact that some people buy DeWalt products blindfolded based on the trust they have on the brand.

The DEWALT DWE402 Review

Today we will review one of the angle grinders made by this world famous manufacturer and the product is DeWalt DWE402. This is a corded electric grinder that boasts a dimension of 5.94 x 15.63 x 4.81 inches.

It comes with a next generation powerful 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor, which is suitable for heavy duty use. When compared with the competitor products, we found that this model offers one of the best power to weight ratio.

The DEWALT DWE402 comes with a unique Dust Ejection System that adds more life to the product. It enhances durability by removing the dust and debris particles that enter the tool causing damages.

The two oversized brushes are an improvement over the previous model as they are thicker and better. It also features a large sized spiral bevel gear that offers extra transmission life.

The angle grinder comes with a One-Touch guard that enables a 360 degree rotation without the need for wrench. It comes with a top mounted spindle lock button that adds extra protection and it also optimizes the cutting depth by wheels. The wheels can be changed quickly without any hassle giving you a tool free wheel removal.

There is a small gripping surface on the DWE402 that makes it easier to get a grip on the tool while using it on job sites. The new side handle design adds brilliant ergonomics to the tool, and the oversized threading enhances the durability.

The manufacturer has also taken care of safety parameters while designing this power tool. The auto-off brushes shut down the tool when the brushes are worn out and needs to be replaced. The paddle switch comes with a safety lock-off that prevents any unintended start up.

DEWALT DWE402 4-12-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder


  • Powerful next-gen 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor
  • Spindle Size is 5/8″-11 in
  • This is a corded electric power tool
  • The total length of the tool is 12 inches and wheel diameter is 4-1/2-Inch
  • The kit includes One-Touch Guard, 2-Position Side Handle and a Wrench
  • Unique dust ejection system adds durability to the product
  • It comes with a 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • It can be used for grinding, sharpening, cutting and so on.


The DeWalt DWE402 is built with great precision and the features make it suitable for home and worksite use. It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals looking for a powerful grinder for heavy duty jobs.

The grinder is light weight and easy to use, so you can carry it with you wherever you go without any hassles at all.

The DeWalt DWE402 comes in a good case that provides good storage and added protection to the tool.

The power tool can last for hours of cutting or grinding without getting overheated. So, you can do your work uninterrupted and there’s no need to give cooling time to the tool frequently. This saves you time and keeps up the momentum.

We like the Dust Ejection System which removes all the ejected dirt and debris that can potentially harm you.


Some customers have complained that there tool did not come with any protective case.

Some people find the tool slightly on the heavier side, however this is good as the weight provides stability to the device.


The DeWalt DWE402 is a powerful tool that comes with a variety of features to help you in diverse types of jobs. It is suitable for beginners who want a power tool for DIY projects over the weekend and also for the professionals doing heavy duty jobs at the site.

The product truly stands up to the expectations of the powerful brand name. The DWE402 does what it is expected to do in a reliable way.

The angle grinder comes with a 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty so this means any defect caused due to low quality workmanship or materials is covered. You can get a quick replacement for defective or damaged parts.

Overall, the incredible features and great performance of the angle grinder makes it a good choice beginners as well as professionals.

Although the DeWalt DWE402 is slightly more expensive that the competitor products available in the market, the awesome features coupled with great performance justifies the price. If you don’t mind splashing some extra cash for better quality and durable performance then go for the DeWalt DWE402.

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