Delta Drill Press Reviews

Delta Drill Press Reviews

When it comes to buying a drill press, a lot of necessary things is to be checked. The investment you make in these kinds of tools is often for a lifetime and of course, all of us prefer that it’s the best one. Although there is numerous brands delta with its Delta drill press is a tool unsurpassed in quality.

Delta Drill Press Has Everything You’re Looking For

We all know about the essential things that must be present in a drill press but have you ever got a complete package? Every brand claims to tender all the best features in a drill press but somehow there are some defects either in the structural quality of the tool or in its working efficiency. Realizing this fact, DELTA has launched some outstanding models to overcome the complaints of most of the drill press users.

1. Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Does this model of drill press sound familiar to you? It must as this model is among the highly appreciated and most recommended ones according to the delta drill press reviews. With this drill press changing speed isn’t a problem owing to its auto tension belt drive system. It is one of the outstanding drill press when it comes to repetitive drilling.

What contributes to this operation is its micro-adjustable depth stops and depth scale. The 16-speed options ranging from 170 to 3000 RPM will blow your mind away. The table it offers is oversized according to the manufacturers so that you face no difficulty while working on your material. Like other worktables, you can also tilt this one. One more thing of interest is the chart that is placed on the bottom of the lid. It helps you decide the speed once you have picked your desired bit. Good, isn’t it?

Why you shouldn’t delay buying it?

A product with 5 years limited warranty, must be good enough in its function, structure and the service it provides or else why would the company offer such a long warranty? This Delta drill press is user-friendly and perfect for use. Everything from its speed to the angle of the worktable is dependent on your choice. Quill stroke of 6” would help you to drill accurately. TWIN LASER is also bestowed with the attribute of providing accuracy and precision.

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2. DELTA DP350 Shopmaster 1/3HP 12-Inch Bench Drill Press

This solid delta shopmaster dp350 drill press with a dimension of 30 x 20 x 11.5 inches grey and black beauty is waiting for you in the power tool market. It is a corded machine and offers a 1/3 HP induction motor as a source of tremendous power. The belt tension is maintained properly. This drill press offers a three-spoke pilot wheel. How is that beneficial? Once you’ll handle it, you’ll get to experience the convenience it offers. This shop-master has variable speed options ranging from 500 to 3100 RPM. With this machine, it’s easy to hold the cutting tools in place. Want to know how does it facilitate this function? It has a 1/2″ chuck capacity and three jaws which help it do this.

Why you shouldn’t delay buying it?

Such a drill press with so many features that contribute to the user’s ease is rare to find. The motor provides smooth operation and has a long-lasting life period. Once you get hold of this machine, you’ll love its height adjustable feature as well as the locking depth stop it has. These stops help you drill repeatedly and with accuracy. The worktable is amazing. It has slots on it so that you can clamp tools while working. Want to work in a tilted position? It allows you to do that too. Light to the machine’s work area is provided by a lamp. This great drill press comes with a 2 years limited warranty. If you are using a long bit, it would run without wobbling even at high speed with this drill press so don’t waste time, get up and purchase this machine.

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3. DELTA 17-950L 16.5-Inch TwinLaser Crosshair Drill Press

When you look into a drill press, what are the things that must surely be present in it? Don’t think too much because, in Delta 17-950L, you’ll find all those features. It has a ½ HP induction motor for providing great power with multiple speed options which are 12 in number and adjustable according to your need. The range of speed is from 250 to 3000 RPM. Moreover, this machine is great for woodwork and can also drill an accurate hole in metals and plastic with the help of laser crosshairs. It also has a three-spoke pilot wheel and locking depth stops which can be adjusted. The quill stroke of 3-7/8” and key chuck of 5/8” makes this drill press perfect for your work.

Why you shouldn’t delay buying it?

This drill press is full of features that support user’s work and help them complete it in time. Its efficient service provided by the pilot wheel, motor, and 12-speed options is unparallel. The worktable is impressive with a size of 14” x 18”. Were you looking for a drill press which allowed angular drilling? You can tilt it in various angles like 0 to 45 degrees forward and 0 to 90 degrees left and right. The table also had diagonal slots and if you are a regular user, you must be aware of its benefit. This too offers a warranty of 2 years. All the features added up make this drill press an amazing power tool and one which everyone must own.

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You can click here to get more information about Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Why should you choose this group of the product?

The delta drill press review above makes it quite evident that why should you use this product. Further clear reasons are as follows:

• Motor power is perfect for providing smooth operations and expert service.
• Speed options like 12 or 16 in numbers make delta the winner among the manufacturers.
• Not to forget the source of illumination in each drill press. It’s amazing and provides a great light enabling you to work accurately. Laser and the work lamps are usually placed in most of the models.
• It’s easy to assemble and easy to handle. They know people look for no more than this facility and so they have provided it in their machines.
• Its manual is a complete guide to the world of the drill press. It contains each and every single detail about the drill press made by delta.

How to use the DELTA drill press?

The most important requirement of the machine is that you assemble it correctly. If any part remains loosely attached, it wouldn’t give its 100%. This is followed by further steps that you should take to use the tool to its fullest. The answer to the question of how to use the drill press can be broadly divided into three groups.

Assembly of the tool

In this step, you need to assemble all the parts of the machine properly. You can start with the attachment of the drill press to the supporting surface. Next, you can do the following things:
• Assemble the part of the delta drill press
• Make sure that the head, column, and base of the tool are in the position
• Take a look at the chuck
• Assemble the lights, table, chuck key
• You can adjust the table in the angle you want

Operation controls and adjustment

Once you have assembled the drill press, you need to carry out these important steps before you start using it:

• Deal with the power switch
• Lock switch in the off position
• Work light and laser is also adjusted
• Worktable comes next, adjust it according to the work you want to do
• The spindle needs great care. If you are done with the above things then pay attention to the spindle now. Adjust it as written in the manual.
• As the machine offers you great number of speeds, its time you adjust them too.

The use of machine

The big step is here, it’s time you use your versatile drill press. Everything is assembled, all the controls are set, now put in your working material, adjust the speed and start drilling. You’ll enjoy using the drill press.

Maintenance and cleaning guide

This brand offers great tips and ways through which you can maintain your drill press. All of them are given in its manual but we have enlisted the best and the most essential ones below so that you are a game ahead when dealing with it.

• You need this when using the machine. Turn the power off whenever you are repairing, assembling or inserting anything in the machine.
• If it’s not starting then you need to check the power outlet and then the machine for blown fuses or any open circuit breakers in the line.
• Don’t forget to blow the air passages with dry compressed air. This can be done after a few weeks or months of use.
• Clean the plastic parts with a damp cloth and take good care of it so that the tool doesn’t rust. Lubricate the machine.
• Lastly, keep a check on the belts and bolts of the drill press.


Delta drill press has surely carved their names in the list of the best drill press. The article tells us about its professional drilling quality. They have launched the best designs both for the ease of the users and for the progression of their brand name.

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