Before You Start Working With An Angle Grinder

Angle grinder is a versatile handheld tool which is commonly used in manufacturing industry particularly for metal fabrication. Different accessories make the angle grinder to perform a variety of tasks. Construction worker and contractors use this tool on a regular basis for grinding and cutting. Task and material determine which type of attachment or accessory is required. An angle grinder is a useful and powerful tool, but at the same time, incorrect use of the device can make it dangerous as well. Angle grinder can cause injury to the operator and nearby workers. In order to get most out of this tool, you should have to use it with certain safety parameters.

The Angle Grinder Safety Tips

Here is the list of some important safety precautions which can help you to take complete advantage of this tools by preventing injuries.

Knowing Your Equipment

Before starting work with angle grinder, you should have to make sure that you are well acquainted with different bits of the angel grinder. You should also have to make sure that you have all the critical component which are necessary for performing a particular task.

You should also have to ensure that the auxiliary handle of the grinder is attached properly. In the case of multiple users ensure that the handle is adjustable. In the case of the missing handle, the operator will reduce the control which can cause lacerations. Before using, inspect angle grinder body and leads to damage. If the outer body of angle grinder is damaged or electric cords are damaged, then the operator can sustain an electric shock.

Before using an angle grinder repair damage part or discard the use of such machine. Ensure that angle grinder has a cutoff switch and clean air vents on a regular basis. If there is no cutoff switch, then the operator would be unable to stop it in the case of emergency. Regular cleaning of air vents would be helpful in maintaining the better working condition of the grinder.

Using the Correct Disc

Before making the use of this powerful tool in manufacturing ensure that you are using the right disc, designed for performing that particular task. Angle grinder uses different discs, designed for performing different tasks depending on the requirement of the job these are also made up of different materials. Availability of various discs for performing different task enhances the versatility of the tool.

Moreover, the diversified use of such tool also depends on a range of potential hazards for the operator. The level of grit or hardness for different discs is different. The operator should have to follow the instructions attached to specific cutting discs. Operators also required to know the hazards and use of proper material associated with the cutting material. For example, if the disc is cutting ceramic tiles then you should have to use water as a lubricant.

Using Safety Glass and Safety Clothing

In the case of working with an angle grinder, you should have to wear safety glasses for the protection of your eyes from injuries. Wearing safety glasses means you are safe from the flying particles and sparks of the material when you are working. For ear protection operators are required to use muffs or ear plugs in order to lessen the risk of hearing damage.

Breathing protection is another important consideration. The user has to use a suitable dust mask for protection against fumes and dust particles. The dust cover should have to be sealed properly around the face. Operators are also required to wear steel toe cap shoes with good grip and overall leather apron in order to save clothing from sparks.

Using Work Gloves

Gloves provide protection from sparks and small fragments of the disk. Safety gloves also protect hands from general wear and tear. Gloves are part of the personal protective equipment (PPE). The use of gloves is essential for hand protection.

Operating Correct Way

In order to take advantage of angle grinder ensure that you know everything about how to work with angle grinder. Ensure that it is fitted with the side handle. Proper use of side handle provide maximum safety and ease of operations, and it also allows the operator to establish maximum control when grinding. As operations, you should also have to ensure that the wheel or disc guard is securely in place. A proper examination of the cutting disc before making the use of it, is also an important safety consideration.


Angl grinder is a powerful tool either it is big or small grinder, it is helping contractors and construction workers to perform a variety of tasks. The above-mentioned list of 5 most significant protective measures can help you to take complete advantage of this tool.

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