About Cordless Angle Grinder Battery

Producers now make many more cordless angle grinders than in the past, so the demand for power tool batteries has actually gone up. Power tool batteries differ by brand. A few of the most popular brands are DeWalt, Makita and Black & Decker. Angle grinders are developed with a specific style of power usage that cause batteries to differ considerably from tool to tool, and from brand name to brand name.

About Cordless Angle Grinder Battery

A new cutting-edge lithium-ion power tool battery has just recently been released on the marketplace which will make batteries a lot more reliable. The invention of cordless angle grinders has actually made construction and other jobs involving this type of tools much easier.

Particular brands have their own specific batteries. DeWalt Tools have a particular battery serial number for their various tools. For instance, a certain DeWalt tool uses an 18V whereas others will utilize a 9.6-volt battery. DeWalt battery serial numbers start with the letters DW followed by 4 numbers.

DeWalt’s 20V – 4Ah battery – 2 Pack

Backup power capacity is measured in Ah which stands for ampere-hour and the relationship between how many Ah your battery can store, and how long your tool will operate is directly proportional. Meaning that a 4Ah battery will operate for twice as long when compared to a 2Ah battery. As long as they both have the same voltage of course.

There is a downside though, in order to store more energy, the 4Ah battery will also need more chemical compounds inside it. Meaning that it will be heavier than a 2Ah battery, but weight shouldn’t be an issue when we talk about heavy tools. Even this 4Ah battery only accounts for less than a quarter of your tool’s total weight.

This two-pack by DeWalt consists of more than enough juice to power your tools through whatever tasks you had in mind. Having two batteries also allows you to charge one while using the other. Increasing your total work time significantly when compared to relying on a single battery.

But that’s not everything we have to say about this one. You may have already noticed the Bluetooth logo and, yes. You’re correct in assuming that this battery can be connected to your smartphone to set up alerts, check the battery’s status, etc. This feature isn’t really the most useful considering it won’t really change the way you use your battery, at all.

Black+Decker’s 20V – 4Ah Battery

Black & Decker has a long list of batteries as well, ranging in voltage from 9.6 Volt to 20 Volt. Obviously, the voltage would entirely depend on your tool as some tools require a 9.6V battery while others will only operate on a 20V.

In core functionality, this one is quite similar to DeWalt’s 20V – 4 Ah battery. Both of these are Lithium-ion, provide the same voltage and have identical power capacities. Meaning that they’ll both be able to provide virtually identical backup times if they were to be used on the same tool.

Black & Decker’s batteries lack the Bluetooth functionality though but as far as features go, a Bluetooth compatible battery is not something that should be on your list of priority functionality. Because let’s be honest, you’ll be using the same battery until it stops working and you’re forced to swap for a spare. This won’t change with, or without a Bluetooth compatible battery.

Ryobi’s 18V – 4Ah Battery

Ryobi brand angle grinders have a much smaller list of batteries compared to DeWalt or Black & Decker, and none of these batteries are compatible with other brands. Manufacturers have begun making batteries interchangeable between tools so consumers can buy a package set of a good variety of tools, that all use the same interchangeable, rechargeable battery. Ryobi has a set that consists of a saw, a drill, and a flashlight that all utilize the very same 18Volt battery. These sets normally come with two batteries so the user will often have a charged battery in stock.

While Ryobi doesn’t follow the industry standard for battery design, they still do a great job of making their own parts functional and reliable. Being exclusive allows them to prioritize other features without being concerned about their batteries being used for their competitor’s tools.

Offering fade-free backup so your tools don’t slow down as the battery voltage drops, featuring high-speed charging and one of the highest Ah capacity when it comes to portable batteries. Ryobi’s batteries are one of the best on the market so long as you purchase from an official distributor.
There are cheaper knock-offs of pretty much all products out there but people fall for Ryobi’s far more often as there’s not really a lot of alternatives due to its exclusivity.

Improvement in Battery Tech for Angle Grinders

Cordless angle grinders and power tool batteries have actually been improved significantly in style considering that they were very first launched. Higher voltage batteries make cordless angle grinders more effective and weigh less. This boosted style makes angle grinders more user-friendly, more ergonomic, and easier to get into difficult to reach areas.

Most existing angle grinders utilize Ni-Cd (nickel–cadmium) batteries. A new lithium-ion battery has actually recently been launched for Black & Decker that is stated to last ten times longer than conventional Li-ion batteries. It is likewise stated to charge to 90 percent capacity in 5 minutes. Lithium-ion batteries used for power tools are just 3rd in need behind laptop computer and cell phone batteries. Because they do not suffer from the very same memory result that is discovered with Ni-Cd batteries, the release of this brand-new battery be really useful to users.

Higher voltage permits batteries to work much better and last much longer. The release of the new lithium-ion batteries will only enhance cordless angle grinders and we can’t wait to see what it means for the future of portable angle grinders. Perhaps one day we’ll have handheld tools that are much more powerful, lighter and more reliable than the ones we have available right now.

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